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Cramlet Capital is a leading national investment firm that acquires and manages real estate properties with a focus on near term income generation and long-term wealth and value creation. The firm was created with the goal of providing everyday investors with access to institutional real estate investment opportunities historically reserved for the largest investors. Our firm is dedicated to continuously providing differentiated multifamily investments that are risk adjusted and tax advantaged with the goal of protecting and growing wealth through a disciplined investment approach.

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Track Record

Cramlet Capital's leadership team brings 75 years of combined real estate experience. Since 2018 Cramlet Capital has deployed $83M in investor capital and has never had a capital call or lost investor capital. Our assets span five states and total more than $223 million in assets under management. We have gone full cycle on two assets resulting in exceptional returns for our investors.

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I started this firm to advance those who want to take control of their lives and build the future of their dreams. We take the time to understand each investor’s goals to pair them with the right investment opportunity. We put our own capital to work alongside our investor partners in every transaction, aligning interests. Our team looks forward to getting to know more about you and building a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency.

Why Multifamily


As an inherent need for survival, people will always need a place to live and prioritize housing expenses. Subsequently, Multifamily has historically been the most stable asset class.

Cash Flow

After all expenses are paid, quarterly cash distributions go out to investors providing a stable and passive pre-tax income stream.

Tax Advanced Benefits

Depreciation is a tax write-off that enables investors to keep more of their profits from cash flow and equity appreciation and offsets capital gains on other assets or businesses.

Economies of Scale

Leverage allows investors to acquire more units with a single loan spreading risk of an investment across multiple tenants and making it feasible to leverage professional management.

Hard Assets

Hard Assets like real estate and gold are traditionally an inflation hedge according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics - real estate historically outperforms inflation by 5% providing income growth in economic downturns.

Capital Appreciation

Our number one focus is driving up the value of the property through careful asset management that increases revenue and minimizes expenses to maximize N.O.I.
(Net Operating Income)

What Our Investors Say About Us

Raul Sharma MD Phoenix

“The reason I have now invested in three properties with MFI Partners is their assets have performed exceptionally well and their checks come regularly and on time. I am very happy with the results of our Investments!”

Alyson Hert MD Boston

“Yohannes and Lisa have been very responsive and informative and made us feel comfortable right away. They are transparent and under promise and over deliver on every property we have partnered on with

Andrew Suarez MD Beverly Hills

“I have opportunities to invest with many other operators but it's hard to find people you trust to place your capital. Ultimately I seem to come back to MFI Partners as we
trust and enjoy the MFI

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